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Welcome to cotdp.org

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Definition 1 "Investor": A human being answering God call by investing time and talent to help others.
Definition 2 "Return o return on investment": Blessings provided by God to the big hearted people.

Welcome, and thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to learn about our 5 in 1 program. This program is for investors benefactors on one side, and for the nonprofit organizations or some people in needs, on the other side. You might be surprised to be given the title of Investor/ benefactor, but this is really what you are becoming when you register in our program. As an investor, you will be amazed to know about the huge returns you can get on your investment, and as a benefactor, you will be delighted to know that your little contribution to our programs is going to solve the problems of so many institutions and people in need. This statement might discomfort a few people due to the fact that our Church is paying a lot of money to our investors. What’s most important to us is that, thanks to our investor’s entrepreneurship, we are able to collect the funds needed to help individuals and ministries requiring help. Your sponsorship allows a large number of nonprofit organizations to thrive in their mission; many families will be able to make ends meet, other people will have access to an education, a number of felons, drug- addicts and homeless will be rehabilitated. We propose, to solve these problems from the very root, offering permanent solutions instead of spending huge amount of money trying to hide or control them. Your registration in our programs is the key to, our success, and yours. We have to say this loud and clear - the love and addiction to the money is a sin, but no project can exist without it, even if it is a Church’s project. This is why this program was born. Now! Be ready to be amazed, because, we do not have any knowledge of any existing program that matches the benefits that each one of the participants will receive by registering in our 5 in 1 program.

Starting with you, the investor benefactor; we have to say that we would be amazed if somebody could tell us if it is possible today, in the USA, to donate or spend around $100.00 a month for a period of 1 to 3 months, then get this amount back in 2 or 3 months, and receive hundreds and then thousands of dollars in an account each month. All just because you shared information about an amazing program, with some of your friends.

This is an opportunity we have been looking for, all our life long without finding it; this is why we created this program; 5 accounts in 1 registration. This program is inviting the investors/ benefactors to open, in our platform, one account for themselves and 4 accounts for people or charities in need of help. The usernames of the sponsored parties will be provided to you by us. If you have some beneficiaries on your own, you can pre-register them in our program and then you can sponsor them in our 5 in 1 program when you make you register. By watching the 5 previous videos, you learned that in less than a year, an account can collect a few thousand dollars a month, making the return on your initial deposit quite substantial. No work is required except paying your monthly donation and marketing this program to some of your friends if you want a fast and huge return on investment.

Compare this offer to the stock market, real estate and other investments where your money is always at risk and your loses can be huge! It is a no brainer that this is a better option. You can see that this program is like no other available. When you register in our program; you get to sleep good at night because you gave a donation for a good cause. Your soul overflows with happiness because you are helping 4 people directly and so many more indirectly, and then, your account will be largely recompensed because of your decision to register. It is very important for you to know that each one of the sponsored parties is required to find 4 benefactors, personally. This is required in order to access the funds collected in their account. You are helping them and it is much appreciated, but they need to do their share if they want to enjoy the big opportunity you are giving them. Anyway, it is almost guaranteed that the beneficiaries you will sponsor will wait until they see some decent funds in their account in order to start looking for the 4 benefactors they are required to register. Nonetheless, it will be faster for you to reach your goals if you introduce this program to other business-minded entrepreneurs. This is the best way to share a very good business opportunity with others who think like you. All while making sure your income is growing fast and strong. This program is really designed to have wise and talented investors/ benefactors dealing with one another for their own good and the good of others. Do not forget that the growing curve of your group is 5 times faster with this 5 in 1 program.

In order to register one of your friends, you’ll need to give him or her your sponsor username, because he or she will need it to fill the first page of the new sponsor registration, and you will also provide the username of the sponsored Party you want your friend to be attached to, in your structure. This second username will be used to fill the “parent” box. Again, this is all what you have to do. This program can be used worldwide and the amount of donations is different depending on the country of the sponsored party and investor. If you are an investor with a big heart and a small wallet, you will still be able to choose a program that will give you some help from our Church during the registering process. Make sure to ask your accountant if you are not making too much money in order to receive some donations from our Church. If you are an investor with a big heart and a big wallet, you will have to register as an independent contractor and you will receive payments for promoting our programs. You will present an invoice to the Church, up to the amount you have in your account of the 5 in 1 program, and you will receive the funds. This program is like the other existing ones; no rights are given to the participants. Donations are given, donations are received, and no written or implied contract is existing or given to anyone.

Now, for the sponsored party side; the first thing you need to do is to pre-register in our program. Your registration and renewals will be paid by your benefactor until your account has enough money to pay the cost of the renewals. The donations paid in your behalf by your sponsor will be refunded to him or her, as soon as your account will have the funds to do so. During the pre- registration process, select the option to appear in the waiting list only if no investor benefactor asked you to pre-register. Do not accept to be helped if you are not ready to collaborate and find your own 4 benefactors. You will not be able to access your funds until you register 4 benefactors under your sponsor username. It is important to remember that when you get in contact with a potential benefactor, you are not asking him or her to sponsor you, because at this moment you will be already registered. Your approach to this person will be simply about introducing an extraordinary investment tool to a potential investor benefactor. Believe me; you will feel better to present a business opportunity to someone instead of asking for help. Do not try to explain the program. Calculate how much is the value of 5 donations in your country, and choose a moment when the potential benefactor can spend some time with you, and ask: if he or she can spend this amount of money monthly and for a period of 2 or 3 months at the most, in order to participate in a very lucrative and loving program. That’s it! Don’t say anything else. Show them this video from a cellular phone or a computer, and let them decide if they want to see the other videos, and if they want to register. ---Dear benefactor to be; you understand now why you are watching this introductory video about our 5 in 1 program. We recommend to every participant to watch the 6 videos a few times in order to grasp all the details related to our programs. We wish you a wonderful day, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for the time you dedicated to this video and we send you all our blessings. We sincerely hope you will participate in our program. You won’t regret it.

Welcome on board, see you soon!

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