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Welcome to cotdp.org

Please see below for the written content of the video

Hello and welcome to this video. My name is John, and I am going to answer the questions you might have by adding some comments to what you have already learned watching the four previous videos. We suggest you to watch these videos a few times, including this one. The first time you will get a good idea about cotdp and our programs and if you keep watching them, you will get more details that are going to answer most of your questions. You can also read the text version of the videos for a less distractive experience if you want. At this point of time, the only real question you might have is if you are going to decide to register or not. I don’t know which programs could be the ones you are interested in but what I want is to make sure you will register at the end of this presentation having all your questions answered. This video is more a tool for you to have and to present to your prospects than a last-minute intent to convince you to register. It might sound like a paradox, but it took us a long time to come up with a system that is very simple and attractive, stress less, accessible to everyone and bringing a long-term solution to so many problems. How do we do all that? Well, Churches and nonprofit organizations are able to help the needy and to cover their expenses thanks to the donations they receive. It can be sometimes difficult for some people to donate or to be more generous in their donations only because their finances are not there. How do we solve this problem? We do it by changing the concept of giving.

You see, donating is always a blessing, but instead of taking some money from your pocket to help some projects of our choice; what we are offering you, is the option to register in one of our program and get a part of the money we collect from the donations to go into your account to help the causes of your choice. If you are in need of help, you can open an account “Help Yourself” that will pay for some of your bills. If you want to help a cause and you do not have the funds to do so, you can open an account “Help Others.” If somebody needs or wants to study; the program “Looking for Grants” will help accomplish this dream. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can open. You will agree that this is a very attractive offer! Now why we came up with this idea? Simply because usually when a Church or a nonprofit organization needs funds, it is necessary to go knocking to the door of the peoples or companies having a lot of money asking for their generosity. We changed this concept. Instead of extending our hand to ask for money to the philanthropist, we are extending our hands to the people in need for help. You might ask: isn’t it absurd to ask for the collaboration of the needy? No, it is not because the money needed to participate and help our ministry is insignificant, and the number of people in need of our programs is limitless. We prefer to ask the 99 % of the people to help one another with little money to find permanent solutions to their problems instead of asking money to the 1% for a short-term benefit.

Do not forget that everyone is helping freely and voluntarily the causes of their choice. We have really little to nothing to compare with the infamous Pyramid. Once you are registered, you just need to find 4 other persons in need of our programs to help our ministry. You should be able to find rapidly more recruits than what is needed for one account. You help them if it’s needed and in no time you should be able to donate your monthly contribution from your account and not from your pocket anymore. Anyway, we really hope that the souls of all the participants and futures prospects are and will always be happy to give selflessness donations. Now tell me, with a 30 days free trial option; what could be an excuse for not trying our programs? You register today, you do not donate a penny, you register other people the same way you did it, and before the end of the month, you will have probably more recruits helping your cause than what is needed to get enough funds in your account to cover your monthly donations. Do not forget that at the end of the 30 days free trial period, you will have to collaborate with your donations for the registration and for your first renewal, using some of your out of pocket money. For the following month, your recruits should have deposited their donations, and consequently, your account should be able to take care of your monthly donations by itself. From this moment on, you do not have anything to do if you choose so. You select the automatic payment for your monthly donations in your back-office, and you just can sit and wait until your account has enough money to ask for some withdrawals for your cause.

If you want to be more active, and we hope you will be, you can choose to open multiple accounts, multiplying that way the blessings. We can assure you that all the donors participating in our programs are willing to help you the best way they can, ask them questions, you are not alone. Everybody wants to make sure you get your 4 people for your first line because this is what makes the wheel turn. Everyone can help and be helped. You don’t need to be wealthy or to be the most popular or the most intelligent, the prettiest or the strongest person on earth to excel in our programs. Our programs are made to give opportunities to everyone, no excuses. Be a nice person, bring a beautiful heart to help our ministry and blessings should be pouring over you and over all the people you will be helping changing the world one soul at a time. Our programs are designed to help people but we will repossess any account of somebody using the money of some cause for bad purposes. We count on you to let us know about any misuse of an account from somebody you know. That being said, if you are ready to register, talk with the person who introduced you to our programs in order to get his or her full name if you do not know it; then ask for the username they have available at this moment and register immediately.

-Welcome on board and,

God Bless You All.

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