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Welcome to cotdp.org

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The best for the end

Before going to the tutorials, we want to let you know that it is our pleasure to present this video of solutions to help make sure that everybody in the world can benefit from our programs. A $20.00 donation is not a burden for most people living in the strongest nations, but it is unreachable for people living in countries with a bad economy.
-Our first goal is to have everybody on the starting blocks. To reach that goal, we created a scale of donations based on the minimum wages of each country. If the economics change in your country and the amount of the minimum donation required to participate in our programs represent more than 6 hours of work, we ask you to get in touch with us in order to correct this amount.

– Our second goal is to focus on helping the ones that are suffering the most. For them we are offering a No out of pocket plan. This plan grants the people willing to participate in our programs who are living in countries with $3.00 or less monthly donation, no upfront cost. They will have the advantage of paying for their donations retroactively, only when their account will have enough money for the payments. We are counting on the friends and relatives of these people that are living in richer countries to accept the invitations from the needy to participate in our programs and help fund their accounts. As a miracle, instead of spending some of your own out of pocket money to directly help these relatives, the program will do it for you and will help You. When a donor is giving a $20.00 donation, 6 peoples from the upper side of the structure will receive $1.00 for their accounts. If these 6 accounts are from Venezuela, whose monthly donation is of twenty cents, your one contribution alone is helping 6 people pay for 5 months of donations. What a way to help others and yourself! Those in need can organize among themselves to see the best way to get the help from the friends and family living abroad.

– Our last and possibly most helpful solution to make our programs accessible to everyone is to offer the option to try out our program for one month without any obligation. This means that you can register without giving any donation and start contacting as many people as you wish. Your prospects register the same way you did. We are more than confident that in a few days your dilemma will not be over whether you stay in our program, but over how many accounts you can afford. Do not forget that at the end of the month if you decide to keep your account, you will have to pay for the donation you did not pay at registration and you will have to pay the monthly renewal donation. After the first month and depending of the number of donors you have in your group, you should be able to pay your renewal donations from your account and not from your pocket. In the most unlikely situation where you would not wish to stay in our program, no money will be due and COTDP will take over your account and reactivate it in order to avoid any inconveniences to your sponsor.

For those having difficulties understanding the projection of the programs, our basic structure is made of 6 lines. If you need one month to find your 4 recruits for the first line and everybody in your other 5 lines does the same, you would be able to have your 5460 donors in 6 month or less. Just imagine the impact that your participation in our program will have on your life and on other people’s life in such a short period of time.

It is now the time to watch our first tutorial called “Before Registering”. God bless you.

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