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Welcome to cotdp.org

Please see below for the written content of the video

Getting ready.

This video will focus on the most important information about our programs and philosophy. If you are watching this video, it means that you are probably excited by the general idea behind our programs. However, we strongly urge you not to become so excited that your desire to get other people interested in our programs will causes you to lose relationships with your family and friends. We are not pushy salesmen, we do not want anybody to try to convince anybody. We only want you to inform as many people as you want about the existence of our website and our programs. The internet or text messages are probably the best way to do it because you do not need to have a personal conversation with your prospect, who could wrongly interpret your approach as an intent to convince them to do something. Do not be surprised if you find a better reaction and acceptance from the people you don’t know compared to your family and friends. Do not forget that the best part of our programs is that you do not have to convince anybody of anything; you just have to let your prospects find out for themselves why they should be interested in joining our programs. How many young capable kids cannot go to college because of the high cost of the tuitions and how many others are deeply indebted because they went to college? How many families are struggling to make the ends meet? How many people would love to start some wonderful project if they had the funds? How many foundations would be able to help even more if they had the funds necessary to do it? How many grateful kids would like to help their retired parents have a decent living or how many persons would like to help others but cannot do it because it is already very hard for them just to survive? And what about the veterans, the impaired, the handicapped? Keep in mind also that for $20.00 a month, everybody gets a chance to change their life. No need to beg or to live off somebody else’s effort. We are very happy and proud of our programs; take advantage of them. When you choose to participate in our programs you need to know that you are not any employee, you have no obligations nor rights. You or our Church can stop your participation in our program at any time without penalty. You will not owe anything and our Church does not have any duty or obligations toward you or your cause. Our relationship is based on the mutual desire to help as many people as possible.

The program called “Help Others” is a program where you volunteer to help our Ministry to raise the funds for a nonprofit organization of your choice. The funds accumulated in your account will be sent to your organization as a donation from our Church under your sponsorship and upon your request.

–The program “Help Yourself” is another program where you volunteer to help others in the same time you are helping yourself to overcome some difficulties. Upon your request, the Church will send money from your account as donations for specific help (like rent or mortgage, food, medicine, health insurance, car payments, etc.). When the monthly deposits on your account are becoming too high for this kind of help, you will be then receiving payments in your condition of independent contractors for promoting our programs. You will need to have and to follow all the requirements needed to be an independent contractor.

- For the program called “Grants,” you will volunteer to help our Ministry to raise funds to pay for the cost of education of a past, present, or future student. The payments will be made to the college or to the loan owner upon your request, given the amount of fund available in the account. The payment of those funds will be given as a Grant from our Church. Once the needs to pay for your studies are over, you will become also an Independent Contractor paid to promote our programs with all the requirements mentioned before. -While you volunteer, you are not earning any money. You or your organization are receiving donations or grants from our church. When you become an independent contractor, you can begin earning money.

-With that said, we encourage you to check the tutorials for information on how to register in one or more of our programs and how to use our sophisticated but friendly software.

-See you in the tutorials.

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