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Welcome to cotdp.org

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How does our program work?

It is well known that in order to help whoever needs it; some work and some money are needed. COTDP is trying to find effective long-term solutions to many of the problems we face today.

It is our opinion that our programs are the perfect solution to accomplish these goals. Our Ministry needs to collect money to build the desired communities, to help those in need, and to aid all the nonprofit organizations that are also helping others. We truly believe that everybody should work together, in harmony, to build a better quality of life. In complete agreement with those ideas, we are offering some programs that involve a monthly donation of $20.00, an amount accessible for many people. What is very exciting is that your donation to our programs gives you a lot of benefits. As we told you earlier, we want many people involved in our programs. In order to get this result, we decided to give any donor, be it a person or a nonprofit organization, the option to control and decide what to do with a portion of the money collected by our Church. That means that your contribution to our Ministry is bringing you the possibility to generate funds for your own cause. We have three programs for the moment. One of these is called “Help Others” and it is for the nonprofit organizations. Another of our programs is called “Help Yourself.” This program is designed to help improve people’s financial situation. Finally, our third program, “Grants,” is dedicated to help past, present, and future students finance their education.

The system we are using to generate funds requires you to find four other persons or institutions to participate in our programs in order for you to be able to access the funds for your cause.

This is the way that allows you to collect more and more funds in your account. Your account will always receive 5% of the donations received for concept of your collaboration in our programs. It means that at the beginning, you will receive $1.00 per month and per account from your group donations. Your group will have 6 lines with a potential of up to 5,460 donors. It is very important to notice that you will only have to take money out of your own wallet to pay your monthly donation until you get 20 donors in your group, after that your account will generate enough money for the monthly renewal and it will be time for you to think about opening another account. If you don’t want to open another account, that is not a problem. Your account will continue to generate funds from up to 5,460 donors in your group. The fact that you could get those benefits with surely less than $100.00 of your own money makes those programs a blessing for so many people and nonprofit organizations. Now, believe it or not, we still have more surprises for you. The fund raising is not limited to the $5,460 per month and per account,…really??.. Yes, we implemented a system which is in agreement with our Faith and that will make explode the collection of funds. This system is called “the Tithe”. When you participate in our programs, you agree to donate your Tithe which is the 10% of whatever your account receives monthly. Don’t sweat; we are talking about your account in our Church not your personal bank account. This part of the program is the part that really generates the funds and makes them limitless.

As soon as an account is receiving more than $200.00 monthly, its monthly donation will be of the 10%. For example, if an account of your group is receiving $400.00 per month, this account will have to make a monthly donation of the 10% which is $40.00 and your account will receive the 5 % of this amount which is $2.00. If an account is receiving $1,000.00, it will make a donation of 10% which is $100.00 and you will receive the 5% that is $5.00.

Now as an example, what happen if all the 4096 donors of your 6th line only are all collecting $1,000.00 per month? And what if they collect $10,000.00?

Keep increasing the number of people up to 5460 or increase the amount per account and you will get the whole picture. See you on the next page.

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