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Afghanistan $2.00
Albania $5.00
Algeria $4.00
American Samoa $20.00
Andorra $20.00
Angola $3.00
Anguilla $8.00
Antarctica $20.00
Antigua and Barbuda $10.00
Argentina $11.00
Armenia $4.00
Aruba $20.00
Australia $20.00
Austria $20.00
Azerbaijan $1.00
Bahamas $17.00
Bahrain $15.00
Bangladesh $1.00
Barbados $11.00
Belarus $3.00
Belgium $20.00
Belize $6.00
Benin $1.00
Bermuda $20.00
Bhutan $1.00
Bolivia $6.00
Bosnia and Herzegovina $6.00
Botswana $1.00
Brazil $7.00
British Indian Ocean Territory $20.00
Brunei $9.00
Bulgaria $5.00
Burkina Faso $1.00
Burundi $0.20
Cambodia $4.00
Cameroon $2.00
Canada $20.00
Cape Verde $3.00
Cayman Islands $20.00
Central African Republic $1.00
Chad $3.00
Chile $9.00
China $7.00
Christmas Islands $20.00
Cocos (Keeling) Islands $20.00
Colombia $6.00
Comoros $4.00
Congo Democratic Republic $1.00
Congo Republic $3.00
Cook Islands $16.00
Costa Rica $8.00
Croatia $10.00
Cuba $0.20
Cyprus $20.00
Czech Republic $10.00
Denmark $20.00
Djibouti $4.00
Dominica $14.00
Dominican Republic $3.00
East Timor $3.00
Ecuador $8.00
Egypt $1.00
El Salvador $3.00
Equatorial Guinea $5.00
Eritrea $1.00
Estonia $10.00
Ethiopia $0.80
Falkland Islands $20.00
Faroe Islands $20.00
Federated state of micronesia $6.00
Fiji $4.00
Finland $20.00
France $20.00
French Guiana $6.00
French Polynesia $20.00
French Southern Territories $20.00
Gabon $7.00
Gambia $0.60
Georgia $0.60
Germany $20.00
Ghana $1.00
Gibraltar $20.00
Greece $15.00
Greenland $20.00
Grenada $11.00
Guadeloupe $20.00
Guam $20.00
Guatemala $5.00
Guernsey $20.00
Guinea Bissau $0.80
Guinea $1.00
Guyana $4.00
Haiti $1.00
Honduras $5.00
Hong Kong $16.00
Hungary $12.00
Iceland $20.00
India $5.00
Indonesia $3.00
Iran $6.00
Iraq $5.00
Ireland $20.00
Isle of Man $20.00
Israel $20.00
Italy $20.00
Ivory Coast $3.00
Jamaica $4.00
Japan $20.00
Jersey $20.00
Jordan $7.00
Kazakhstan $1.00
Kenya $1.00
Kiribati $7.00
Kosovo $4.00
Kuwait $5.00
Kyrgyzstan $0.40
Laos $3.00
Latvia $9.00
Lebanon $10.00
Lesotho $3.00
Liberia $3.00
Libya $7.00
Liechtenstein $20.00
Lithuania $9.00
Luxembourg $20.00
Macau $16.00
Macedonia $4.00
Madagascar $1.00
Malawi $0.60
Malaysia $5.00
Maldives $5.00
Mali $1.00
Malta $18.00
Marshall Islands $8.00
Martinique $20.00
Mauretania $3.00
Mauritius $2.00
Mayotte $15.00
Mexico $2.00
Micronesia $5.00
Moldova $1.00
Monaco $20.00
Mongolia $2.00
Montenegro $5.00
Montserrat $4.00
Morocco $6.00
Mozambique $1.00
Myanmar $1.00
Namibia $3.00
Nauru $4.00
Nepal $2.00
Netherlands Antilles $20.00
Netherlands $20.00
New Caledonia $20.00
New Zealand $20.00
Nicaragua $3.00
Niger $1.00
Nigeria $1.00
Niue $10.00
Norfolk Island $20.00
North Korea $3.00
Northern Mariana Islands $20.00
Norway $20.00
Oman $18.00
Pakistan $4.00
Palau $11.00
Palestinian territories $8.00
Panama $5.00
Papua New Guinea $5.00
Paraguay $7.00
Peru $6.00
Philippines $4.00
Pitcairn Islands $10.00
Poland $11.00
Portugal $14.00
Puerto Rico $20.00
Qatar $20.00
Reunion Island $20.00
Romania $7.00
Russia $3.00
Rwanda $0.80
Saint Barthelemy $20.00
Saint Helena $13.00
Saint Kitts and Nevis $12.00
Saint Martin $20.00
Saint Pierre and Miquelon $20.00
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines $8.00
Samoa $4.00
San Marino $20.00
Sao Tome and Principe $1.00
Saudi Arabia $15.00
Senegal $1.00
Serbia Montenegro $5.00
Seychelles $7.00
Sierra Leone $1.00
Singapore $20.00
Slovakia $10.00
Slovenia $19.00
Solomon Islands $2.00
Somalia $4.00
South Africa $2.00
South Korea $13.00
South Sudan $2.00
Spain $20.00
Sri Lanka $2.00
Sudan $2.00
Suriname $4.00
Swaziland $2.00
Sweden $20.00
Switzerland $20.00
Syria $4.00
Taiwan $14.00
Tajikistan $0.80
Tanzania $0.40
Thailand $4.00
Tibet $5.00
Togo $2.00
Tokelau $2.00
Tonga $1.00
Trinidad and Tobago $9.00
Tunisia $3.00
Turkey $9.00
Turkmenistan $3.00
Turks and Caicos Islands $20.00
Tuvalu $6.00
Uganda $0.80
U.K. $20.00
Ukraine $3.00
United Arab Emirates $20.00
Uruguay $8.00
U.S.A. $20.00
Uzbekistan $0.80
Vanuatu $7.00
Vatican City $20.00
Venezuela $1.00
Vietnam $3.00
Virgin Islands (UK) $20.00
Virgin Islands (USA) $20.00
Wallis and Futuna $18.00
Western Sahara $1.00
Yemen $3.00
Zambia $2.00
Zimbabwe $5.00
Please see below for the written content of the video

[Church Of The Divine Prospect (intro)]

Our Church welcomes you and thanks you for visiting our website. COTDP stands for Church Of The Divine Prospect and it is dedicated to making a positive impact on the whole world. Any person or charitable institution from any nation can participate in our different programs. Your involvement with the ministries of our Church should only be motivated by your desire to help a good cause, whatever this cause might be. We have one main goal and three exceptional programs to accomplish our mission.

Our Church wants to unite all the nonprofit organizations that are working to make a positive impact in this world. This includes all of the Churches, the nonprofit organizations working on helping people in need, the organizations working towards a life exempt from violence, or those that reduce the harmful chemicals that are killing us every day, even to those working for a better justice system or focusing on governments’ respect of their Constitution. We invite all of those organizations to participate in our goal to build some communities where we can practice what we preach and show the world what a group of well-intentioned people can accomplish. Your involvement with the Ministries of our Church does not make you a member of the Church Of The Divine Prospect and, consequently, we ask you to keep going to the Church of your choice.

Our Church works for God and to fight evil. Any person or organization, believers or not, that are against evil actions and attitudes are welcome to participate in our programs. We are offering an extraordinary platform to generate funds for all good purposes. COTDP is asking for a monthly donation of $20.00 to the persons, Churches or organizations that want to participate in our programs. Our Church gives to all participants in our programs the opportunity to decide for themselves which person or which organization they wish to help out. There is no need to try to convince somebody to participate in our program for somebody else’s cause. This option is a wonderful tool to raise money because every person or organization contacted to participate in our program is going to do it with the only intention to help their own mission. We deeply hope that your participation in our programs will make your person or organization grow exponentially. Your success is our goal. However, any person or organization willing to participate in the construction of these places, where this new way of living would be the focus, needs to participate in a very humble manner without any intention to outshine others and with a very deep desire to work in a team minded spirit.

The forums of our website are a very good way to get in contact with different groups, to know them better and to work together in planning the way we would like to live in these new places. What has been said until now involves two of our programs. One program is called “Help Others” and the other one is called “Help Yourself.” The names of the programs are kind of self-explanatory but more details will be given in the following pages of the website. The third program is also a program that is very important to us because it involves many young people and those that are willing to continue their education.

Our Church finds it very painful to see a lot of brilliant people renouncing their dreams to study due to the high cost of the colleges and universities. Many of the students who do attend college are starting their careers with humongous loans to pay back over many years. Our Church is offering a way for prospective students, current students, and former students with student loans, to alleviate or eliminate this big financial burden.

The goal is for everyone to help everybody. For this reason we invite you to learn more about our programs and we invite you to participate in one, or more, of them. There is no limit on the number of program you can participate in.

Click on the button “How our Programs work” to learn more about their purpose and function.

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Chuch of the Divine Prospect

10463 Greenwich Ct East

Boca Raton, Florida 33428 USA


(561) 807 7701